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  • Adriano Pineiro

NaturViana - naturismo

NaturViana - naturismo is an idea to build a natural place for family and friends looking for holidays, adventure and amazing places & views. So the idea is to create a place for naturists and non-naturists, separated into the two seasons of the year. So from the 1st October til 31st March would be non-naturist and from 1st April til 31st September would be naturist. We are located in the middle of the woods, up to 400m high, conveniently just 1 km from the village of Portela Susã. Like we said before the idea is to build a natural place, so we are trying to build this as natural and green as possible without counting on water or electricity from the city, not only because we want to follow this green ethos but also because the location is out of reach of these utilities.

We have 2 wells, one produces around 5000 liters daily and the other is responsible for supplying two other pounds. At this moment we have already made a circuit for the water from this well through the site incorporating some water points for the campers and for watering the plants. We have also constructed a 10000 liter capacity reservoir on site to distribute the water through the upper part of the land. These tanks are filled with the water from our own well when necessary, with a self-made pump, used to pump the water from the lower area up to the tanks. This pump works without any electricity, using only the power of the water, pushing the water through more then 100m of tubing to more than 50m high. For the electricity we are implanting solar panels, to produce around 6000-8000W per day. Enough for the lighting, the first infrastructures, organic pool and for the campers. We can also upgrade the quantity of energy or the electricity production when necessary, only needing to improve the number of batteries or solar panels. No sewers, no septic tanks or contaminated ground. All the toilets, outside and at the bathroom from the Domes will be Bio-toilets, made from wooden boxes.

No smell or unhygienic feelings, these toilets don't smell and are more comfortable that normal toilets. The excretions together with the earth, paper and wood waste, are collected and placed on a compost centrum, where after some time we can use it as a compost for the plants. The water from the showers and other facilities (dirty water), would be canalized to the pounds where fishes and plants regenerate the water so she can continue her course or be reused. No shower gels or shampoos would be allowed at our place, unless a camper has a real need, then we can make exceptions. We will provide our own bio products, like shower gels, shampoos, dish gel or other cleaning products to not contaminate the water, fishes, plants or the natural environment..

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