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We are accepting donations from the ones interested to help this project go forward.
All donations would be also reward with free days at our place. 

We are making a association for naturists & non-naturists, to help to improve the idea of NaturViana. The members from NaturViana association have free days a year to stay at our place, they become also part of this new family and also follow and be part of many adventures, activities or events made at the place. Our idea is to let the guest feel like home, so all the guests are free to make something at the place or just relax and taste a nice holidays. We accept ideas, activities or other subjections made by the members. The best of this association is that the members donate what they want, been reward with free days at our place. Just let us Know if you wanna be part of this idea, any questions or doubts please contact with us.

Come visit us and let you be amazed ;).         

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