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NaturViana is a private Garden where the idea is to share the natural environment and the naturist way of life. NaturViana started to be a Naturist Campsite, but along the way we prefer to keep it private and especial for the ones who deserve it. NaturViana is now only for friends and for the ones who respect the place, nature and the family environment. For the ones not knowing the concept and would like to visit, please write a e-mail to . 2020 only with reservation or Special Package.


NaturViana is the idea of a natural eco-friendly way of life.  

NaturViana is guided by the idea to be as green and natural as possible, being situated up in the mountains in the middle of the woods, and not relying on electricity or water from "civilization". The water is from our own land and is as pure as possible. We have already made a complete water system throughout the site, so in any place there is flowing water which can be used. All of this without electricity. 


We rely on solar panels to produce our own electricity and batteries to keep it. The camp is all illuminated with LEDs and power points for campers. 


The toilets are bio, so we don’t waste water and we can use the fecal matter to make Bio compost for the plants, thereby avoiding the need for septic tanks or polluting the earth. 


We also have an organic pool, which uses no chemicals or other products. This pool looks like a lake, and the plants and little creatures do their own cleaning, with some help from tubes and air pumps. 

We are also accepting donations to help to improve this project, more info: Donations.

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