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Naturism is a way of living in harmony with Nature, enjoying collective nudity as a way to improve self-esteem, respect for others and, of course, for the environment – according to the International Naturism Federation.
What this means is nudity in a social environment, in the search for the well-being of sharing our body with the Elements, the pleasure of having full contact with water, soil, air and sun. What could be better? 

In our society, nudity is still seen as connected to Erotism, while the body is presented as a mere object of pleasure – either exploited by Publicity and Marketing “as perfect” at the service of Fashion or profit, or attacked by the pseudo-morality which compels us to cover certain parts of our body, the “dirty” and “sinful” ones. Two aspects of the same issue – lack of respect for one´s choices and our body´s dignity.

Once prejudices and taboos are abolished, one notices that Naturism promotes not only “joy of living” but also physical and psychological harmony, which gives us equilibrium, higher self-esteem, peace and physical and emotional relaxation. One time will be enough for us to feel and understand the healthy dimension of this way of living.

Come visit us. You will come back!

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