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4x4 Trip


A wonderful 4x4 trip trough different places depending on the guest wishes. We organise trips on high mountain with amazing views and sunsets and trips through rivers and nice spots to relax.


Hiking Trip

A wonderful hiking trip through different places depending on the guest wishes. We organise trips on high mountains with amazing views and sunsets and trips through ponds and nice spots to relax.


Yoga Session

To relax, stretch and enjoy the athmosphere. We organize Yoga groups Sessions. Depending on guest wishes or how many participants. 


Relaxing Massage

In a natural environment, surrounded by a beautiful garden and relaxing music, a massage to relax or recovery from the stress and repair the muscles, depending on the guest wishes. 


Sauna Session

A self-made Sauna, with a nice fire and a cold bath. Sweat and clean the pores.

Natural stones heated by the fire, in a Natural way. Very healthy and good for relax and the skin. 


HotTub Session

Hot water in a wine barrel with oil senses and aromatics. Relax in the outside listening beautiful music and enjoying the surrounds. After a Hot bath cannot miss a cold shower in between. 


Body Painting Session

A wonderful session in group painting each other with water colors. Under the sun or even by yourselves, decorate your body for the day and enjoy art and nature at the same time. After always a nice shower and all goes away.

Ebene 1 Rahmen.gif


You can practice archery with us, we give you the arrows, the bow and a target to score. Enjoy the day with a activity that suits you.


RC Car

You can also get a RC Truck to drive and make some circuits around the place, is a lot of ways and obstacles that you will love to cross by. If you enjoy 4x4 or racing for sure you will love this activity.



We also have all what do you need to make a Badminton match or even a championship, only depends on how many people is playing. But for sure some nice sport to do during a beautiful day.

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