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  • Adriano Pineiro

NaturViana - Domes

The idea is to build all infrastructures shaped like domes, like the dome passionfruit already built at our other place. In this new NaturViana we will start with a dome for bathrooms and laundry and as soon as possible continue with a dome for the bar, a dome sauna, and some for renting. This structure is amazing and is all about design and strength. Like a puzzle it comprises 160 triangles (of Nordic Pine, typical of the region) with different measurements.

The geodesic shape optimizes the load, with his strength connections, displacing forces throughout the entire structure. The geodesic dome is a perfect passive solar energy collector, acting as a giant light reflector dome inwards, also focusing and reflecting interior heat. This helps prevent heat loss by outward radiation. Dome ventilation with suitable openings in the base, medium and peak (dome) provide an excellent mix of air movement and temperature, working as a chimney, bottom-up and centre. That way we get constant indoor temperature regulation. The cost for heating by stoves, heaters or fireplaces of a geodesic dome is considerably reduced by up to 50%. Its shape is usually found in nature and that makes us both call attention to a space not normally used by architects. Lately we find more and more the use of spherical forms in the design buildings. Thanks to having no inner beam we find an open space to freely perform any activity that requires it, such as a living room of a house, a space for meetings or to integrate a pool inside.

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