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  • Adriano Pineiro

NaturViana - Workaway

We are not simply a camp site, we are a wonderful natural garden in the middle of the mountains. The air is so clean that you can feel it in your lungs, and the natural atmosphere has a virginal quality! Here you will find wonderful spots with magical views and moments that you will never forget. The streets here are not asphalt or tarmac but sand or irregular stones. The people live from the product that they made themselves and raised. And in the vicinity you can also visit very nice places like the coastal city of Viana do Castelo, or Ponte de Lima (the oldest village in Portugal) and many other places. Our place is also 20 km from the coast, 50 km from Spain and 50 km from Porto (closest airport). We are open from May till October.

I'm starting to build a new place with "domos geodesicos" *search in google, and an organic pool. There will also be much gardening work and I will be pleased to have help from all kind people with knowledge or expertise in the following areas: Construction, canalization, electricity, gardening, architecture, etc. We can provide a tent to camp, on our site but it would also be helpful or better if you could bring your own. We will also provide 1 meal a day. This is because this year we will not limit the number of workawayers. We accept suggestions to ;) In the vicinity we have many nice view points on the mountain. You can also hike many trails in the mountains, through the woods and through nice little populaces. In the summer time, from July till September all the villages in the locality, have traditional festivals, very big and for free, like in Nossa senhora das Neves, Barroselas, Vila de Punhe, and then are the big Fests like "Festas da Agonia" in Viana do Castelo, or "Feiras Novas" in Ponte de Lima.

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