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In the middle of the woods, in a place surrounded by nature and trees. A lot of space for campers to pitch a tent.

We have a lot of space for mobile homes or caravans, in a natural environment with trees and a little lake.


A 20 m2-Dome and other Glamping lodges which Breakfast,  Dinner & Activities included.


Some pictures from the place

About us


Who are Adriano & Nina?

Adriano came to Germany in 2010  after finishing his studies in IT and worked in an Italian restaurant in Bad Bentheim. Nina is from Nordhorn in Germany and at that time she was working as a tax accountant. They met on New Year`s Eve and got to know each other but after a few months Adriano needed to return to his native Portugal. After only one month he decided to return to Germany because of his big love, “Nina”. He then started working in the stone industry in Holland. At that time they only saw each other at weekends because they were 200 km apart. Then in 2012 Adriano moved to Nordhorn and since then they have lived together. 

  At the time, Nina was not a naturist but on their first summer holiday at Adriano’s family house in Portugal she gave it a try in Playa de Barra (Spain), a magical naturist beach and soon warmed to the idea. They returned to this beach twice more. The first time that Nina tried naturism she was very uncomfortable with it, coming from a very conservative family, where naturism is not considered "proper". But after 2 more tries she was already loving it, the pleasure of being naked, to be equal to other people, and without signs or clothes to give you an identity. After 3 days in Spain, they drove back home to Portugal, and on the way back Nina said: "I’m impatient to get home and lie naked by the pool" :)

   Adriano has grown up with naturism since childhood due to his father Manuel being a lifelong naturist who only visits naturist beaches :) When Adriano and his younger sister Iria were children Manuel would always drop them off at a textile beach in Samil (Spain) and then drive to the naturist beach not so far from there. One day when Adriano was 17 he spontaneously decided to go with his father and since then he has been a naturist :) 

So in 2012 they started to think about making Adriano´s father´s beautiful garden a little cozy naturist place. Firstly there was a little group and after the first summer the idea was just amazing and they were already seeing their future in Portugal! So in 2013 they began building the first facilities and to share the idea by making their own publicity and marketing. As time passed they made improvements every summer but this wasn’t enough so they decided to make some big investments, to put in a bar, toilets, and other facilities. So by 2015 they were more or less ready with their idea, but decided to change the investment  that they already made for another piece of land in the vicinity that was already in the family, and since 2016 they have been preparing this new idea/project.


Rua do Divino Salvador

Portela Susã

Tel: 0049 152 516 919 91

Tel: 00351 960 207 941

How to get there?

Public Transport: Bus Network Express

Viana do Castelo >>>> Vacaria
Monday to Friday, Departure at 18.00 arrival at 19h15.

Vacaria >>>> Viana do Castelo
Monday to Friday, Departure at 7h15, arrival at 8h30.

Private Transportation:
From the north by A28

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